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The LiterLight - A New Kickstarter Project

Turn any 2 liter soda bottle into a beautiful LED grow light powered terrarium.

Indoor gardeners face two problems with house plants:

  • How do you keep plants from drying out?

  • How do you give your plants enough light especially in the dark and chilly winter months?

The LiterLight

The LiterLight provides a solution to both problems.  It allows you to easily create low cost terrariums from discarded 2 liter bottles.  The bottle keeps the plants moist for a longer time, and the grow light gives your plants light and heat.

The heart of the LiterLight is a compact highly efficient 1 Watt LED grow light, with a USB port connector, so that it can plug into a USB hub or USB phone charger. The USB capablity make sit easy to power several lights with a single USB hub, and makes the power plug universal.

The LiterLight is efficient because it emits light, which is tuned to a plant's photosynthesys process. Have you ever wondered why plants are green?  Well, it's because plants only absorb blue and red light spectra, and reflect green light.  Since white lights emit all frequencies of light, they waste power.

The LiterLight also saves power because it only turns on when it's too dark, using an internal light sensor.

We also created accessories for the light to make creating a bottle terrarium easy and fun.  We provide bottle clips which keep the two sides of the liter bottle joined, and a bottle stopper which allows you to adjust the height of the light inside of the bottle.  All you need to provide is a bottle and potting soil.

The LiterLight  does not have to be used with a liter bottle, they can be used in aquarium terrariums, or even with regular house plants, by clipping the lights to a decorative pole. 

Liter Light Kit Accessories

LiterLight Applications and Benefits

  • Grow culinary herbs for fresh ingrediants in your cooking.
  • Grow medicinal herbs for personal use.
  • Grow seedlings for spring planting, even in the winter..
  • Repurpose bottles that would end up in land fills.
  • Increase the health of indoor house plants by providing more light with a compact yet powerful decorative grow light.
  • Reduce the watering interval of your plants

How to Buy The LiterLight?

The Liter Light can only be purchased through Kickstarter, which we are using to fund the manufacturing of the first 1000 units.  After our Kickstarter supporters have received their kits, we will sell our The Liter Light Kits to the general public.  So if you want to be ahead of the crowd in owning this innovative new product, please order from kickstart now, before the funding window closes. 

This button will transfer you to our KickStarter page:

Buy LiterLight Now

With successfull funding, we will order parts and tooling, and start the manufacturing process.  The plastic parts and PCBs will be produced overseas, with electronics and final assembly done in the USA, through small local manufacturers.  With a successfully funded project, our goal is to ship by April, 2012.


The LiterLight Specifications

Power ~1W
Voltage 5V
Blue LED 458nm, 1W
Red LED 660nm, 75mW
Connector standard USB-A Male
Water Resistant Yes, but should not be submerged in water.




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The Liter Light is a Vegetronix Product

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